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At the Chrome Plating Shop, we also handle metal polishing and buffing, which uses various abrasives to remove tarnish (oxidation). After the oxidation has been removed, we use buffing wheels that give that stunning mirrored appearance on your item. We use the latest technology to ensure that we get the highest quality polish and buffering on your items.


There are many benefits to using metal polishing services for your needs:

  • Makes the surface look clean and sleek again

  • Creates a protective seal to the metal surface, stopping oxidation, so the surfaces are less likely to corrode or wear down

  • Removes germs, dirt, and other unsightly objects from your metal surface


This process takes several steps and does take a great deal of care to accomplish it well. One of the metals that can especially benefit from polishing is stainless steel. Stainless steel is a material that is used for quite a few products and components, but it’s a material that’s extremely difficult to polish. However, polishing can restore your metal items to look almost new again.

If you have metals that are in desperate need of a good polishing, our company is the team for you. We focus on the details to make sure that you get a stunning polishing job on your metal so that it looks bright and fresh again. If you need to have metals polished to restore their shine, contact us today to learn more about our polishing processes or get a quote for your metal polishing needs.

Metal Polishing Services

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