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Copper plating can be what you need for whatever purposes you have, primarily in the industrial sector or for electrical or heating applications.


There are plenty of benefits of using copper plating for your products, including:

  • Adheres well to many substrates

  • Offers decorative value

  • Malleable

  • Easy to polish

  • Excellent electrical conductivity

  • Stellar heat conductivity

  • Offers a diffusion barrier


The copper plating offered here

is between 3-5 μm  thickness.


For our decorative copper plating, our process uses excellent throwing power and has a thick coating with outstanding plating that can be polished very quickly as needed. You can benefit from decorative copper plating because a thick plating will hide any defects or irregularities while also adding aesthetic appeal.

If you’re interested in copper plating for a copper undercoat, the copper plating we offer gives you excellent pre-plate copper strike for tin, acid copper, bright nickel, and chrome plating in addition to soldering.

Copper plating is also an ideal option if you need enhanced electrical conductance on a variety of different substrates, including aluminum.

Our team is highly trained and experienced when it comes to copper plating services. Our team will work with you to help you understand our process and how you could benefit from using copper plating for your specific needs. We listen to our customers to ensure that they get the copper plating services they need. To learn more about our copper plating services or want to get a quote for our services, contact us today.

Copper Plating Services

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