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Gold Plating Services in Miami
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Gold plating is a process where a thin layer of gold is deposited onto the surface of some other metallic base coat, like nickel. With gold plating, there are generally multiple layers of other types of metal plating before getting the gold layer. For instance, something that is a gold-plated silver object will generally have a silver substrate that will have several layers of copper and nickel before the introduction of gold plating.

Thinking about gold plating?


There are some benefits to getting gold plating for your items, including:

  • Doesn’t oxidize

  • Cheaper metals look appealing

  • Malleable

  • Great electrical conductivity

  • Can be painted since it sticks better to gold

  • Reduces risk of corrosion

  • Enhanced durability


The Gold Plating Process


Gold plating isn’t necessarily a new technology; it’s been used for centuries for a variety of purposes. It has been popular because of some of the many benefits it offers. Gold doesn’t oxidize, meaning that gold plated items will hold up better to the elements.  The Chrome Plating Shop in Miami will also brush gold plating onto plastics and nickels. We can remove the chrome plating on the nickel surfaces, then put gold plating over this nickel. We then gold plate the surface with the carat that is appropriate for your needs. You will get the stunning gold plating that you want and need for your items when you trust us.

If you are looking for top-notch gold plating services, contact us today. We can help you decide if gold plating is the right choice for your needs and help you decide on which carat is the appropriate choice.

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