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Brass plating is a process that uses electro-chemicals to deposit a thin layer of brass on metal. Brass, which is a copper-zinc alloy, is generally used for decorative purposes over a layer of nickel. The brass plating is then coated with a lacquer that prevents the brass from tarnishing.


This process is considered one of the oldest types of metal plating because it is an alloy, the ratio of copper and zinc that is used to create different colors that range from yellow to white.

Should you get brass plating?

There are some benefits to brass plating, including:

  • Cost-effective when considering the cost of solid brass

  • Different appearances depending on the ratio of copper and zinc used to create the alloy

  • Giving new life to older metals

  • Offers a high-gloss finishing that is aesthetically appealing


Something essential to consider is that brass plating may not be the most durable of the options, which is why this is primarily used for decorative objects or enhancing the looks of electrical.

When you come to the Chrome Plating Shop for your brass plating needs, you will get stellar customer service and top-notch quality plating services. Our goal is to make sure that you get the plating services that work best for your specific needs. We are focused on all of the finer details of plating to ensure that you get the quality you need. Contact us today to learn more about our brass plating services and discuss your project.

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